About the Boat & Crew


Sea Creature: Powering Your Trip

Sea Creature is a beauty of a vessel, ready to deliver you to some of the best fishing that can be had around Hatteras Island. Originally built in 2002, Sea Creature has served as a reliable boat for Captain Steve Coulter as well as his many customers. Sea Creature has many “creature comforts” that will make sure your fishing trip is productive, fun, and comfortable. When chartering with Sea Creature, you can rest assured that you’ll have a great experience.

Powered by twin 700 horsepower diesel engines, Sea Creature has the power required to deliver you to local fishing spots quickly. Sea Creature is a 58 foot vessel, making it one of the largest boats in Hatteras Harbor Marina. All of that power and size is coupled with some of the best electronic instrumentation that money can buy. Sea Creature has two VHF radios, a 64 mile radar, 1000 watt color bottom machine, a plotter, a temperature gauge, and auto pilot functionality. A large cockpit with three fighting chairs and an outside couch ensure that you’re ready to jump right into the action, all while staying comfortable.

On the note of comfort, Sea Creature also features a large, indoor, temperature controlled cabin with all of the amenities of home. Inside, you’ll find a well equipped kitchen with a, microwave, coffee maker, and refrigerator. Also inside are a number of comfortable leather seats, a stereo system, DVD, and CD player so that you can relax while taking a break from fishing. All of the amenities provided on Sea Creature help to make sure that your trip will be the best you’ve experienced.


Sea Creature

Captain Steve Coulter

Captain Steve Coulter (affectionately referred to as “Creature”) has been fishing the Hatteras Island waters for over 20 years. Before becoming the captain of Sea Creature, Capt. Coulter served as a mate himself, learning all about fishing around Hatteras Island. Since that time, Capt. Coulter has greatly progressed his career, becoming the captain of one of the most well known fishing boats around Hatteras Village.

Capt. Coulter has not only been an avid fisherman for the majority of his life, but he’s also helped to progress the sport in the Hatteras area by speaking to and serving with many fishing related political bodies both locally and nationally. Steve Coulter has lobbied for a number of local fishing rights, and currently serves on the board of The Dare County Waterways Commission. Capt. Coulter has made many local advancements in the sport, which has ultimately helped to grow his career to its current point. He was even one of the pioneers of big game offshore fly fishing in North Carolina. Capt. Coulter has competed in many tournaments and events through the course of his career, and has garnered a large number of awards and achievements.

Captain Steve Coulter

April Piland

For a pint-sized gal from Northampthon County, April Piland can haul in the big ones as well as any mate on the dock. Her degree in Health Fitness from East Carolina University and years spent training athletes earned her esteem as a trainer, as well as countless ways to strengthen and condition her own physique into the powerhouse needed to wire and gaff the big ones aboard the Sea Creature.

April has spent most of her life charter fishing the waters off Hatteras with her father, but has fished with many other boats in various tournaments learning as mush as possible about the fishery our coast has to offer. Her winning smile and friendly encouragement make her a favorite with charter parties. Her precision rigging skills, dedication, and dependability make her a favorite with charter parties as well as captains she has fished with all along the East Coast.

Mate April Piland